An Evening with CS LewisPromoting An Evening with CS Lewis

Thank you for booking An Evening with CS Lewis.  This page has been created for theaters, performing arts centers, radio stations or other promoters that are working with David Payne Drama to promote An Evening with CS Lewis.  You should have received the link to this page in an email from Nicola (

Like you, we want the show to sell out and are looking forward to working with you to promote it.  These resources are what we’ve tended to send out in previous tours, but please contact Nicola to let her know if you need anything else.

Promotion Resources

General resources

These are downloadable versions of information that is on the website:

Show Summary:  134 word taster description of the show  (PDF download)

Introducing An Evening with CS Lewis:   background about the show, David Payne and CS Lewis (PDF download)

South Florida Insider: Review from February 2013 (link to South Florida Insider)

What People Say:  comments and praise from people who have seen the show (PDF download)

Video promo clip about the show:  Drop Box and YouTube

Audience response video:  Drop Box and YouTube


An Evening with CS Lewis Images:  promotional images of the show (zipped file)

Customisable resources

Poster that can be customised with date and venue:  download here (zipped file)

Radio Promotion

We have worked closely with a number of radio stations on previous tours and can provide 30 and 60 second promotional slots, 15 second liners, live interviews or phone-ins and competition winner meet and greets.

Sample 30 second

Sample 60 second

In Person

Although the touring schedule is tight, please contact us if you are interested in David doing meet and greets on the day of the show and we will see if its possible to fit in.

Production Details

This is a one-man production that runs to approximately 2 hours including the intermission.  It requires little in terms of set up, the technical rider has all the details.  David needs a sound and light check no less than an hour prior to the performance, but because of the simplicity of the technical requirements, this usually takes less than 10 minutes.

The set should reflect the library of an English academic in the early 1960s.  The images below give you a sense of what is required – also see the videos on the rest of this website for inspiration.

CS Lewis Set
CS Lewis Set