What do audiences say about An Evening with CS Lewis?

“I felt as If I was actually sitting with CS Lewis in his home and was so enthralled that I could have sat there all night listening.”

Michael, Richmond, KY

We have praised your performance to the skies to all of our friends!

Heidi, Spokane

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. I have, of course, told EVERYONE about what a beautiful evening they missed last night!

Lindsay, Chattanooga

We laughed and we teared up at the range of emotions you displayed in your portrayal of C.S. Lewis… It was very inspiring.

John, Mannheim, PA

“It was magical… a real gift to your audiences!”

Norman, Birmingham AL

“A friend treated me to the joy of your performance. It was extraordinary!”

Tommy Lee, Decatur, AL

“Many thanks for such a delightful evening with C.S. Lewis! I could have listened to you talk for hours more”

Julie, Arlington Heights

“My husband died 3 years ago. Since he died, I have not laughed as much as I did last night since. Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable show….”

Betty, Manheim, PA

“I felt that I was with C,S Lewis and kept forgetting it was you. As my bride said, it would have been worth the evening at twice the price.”

John, Lansing, MI

“Your Evening with C.S. Lewis was shatteringly beautiful. I have received few greater gifts in this lifetime!”

Elizabeth, Sacramento

“I’ve spoken to quite a few people who’ve attended your performance since we met and they all loved it.”

Karl Johnson, Director of CS Lewis, Institute, Chicago

“I was enthralled by An Evening With CS Lewis tonight and immersed in moments of bliss. I can easily say, you have given me the most engaging performance I think I have seen.”

Scott, Arbroath, Scotland

“I felt like I was in the Lewis home as you talked… Loved the humor, and the poignant stories of Joy. You brought him to life for us!

Kristi, San Antonio

“Fabulous. Excellent! Mr. Payne got it all right and blended humor and drama, theology and biography, childhood and adulthood perfectly.”

Chuck, Modesto

“It was my anniversary gift to my husband and he said it was one of the best gifts he had ever received”

Lynn, Website

“A dozen friends and I attended An Evening with C S Lewis and we all enjoyed it immensely. Bravo!”

Traian, Wabash

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. What a delightful way to spend an evening!”

Jane, Website

“My husband and I both enjoyed your presentation enormously. It was a moving and memorable experience.”

Kathlee, Website

“Tonight’s performance was just wonderful – well beyond that – astonishing! I cried as you recounted Lewis’ relationship with Joy- and my children, (Daniel 10 and Samantha, 13) were enthralled! Tonight will not be forgotten”

Chrysinda, Website

I spent so long at the end marveling at your performance with my friends that I left it too late to express my thanks to you in person.”

Will, Website

“This man is amazing! drive ANYWHERE to see him!”

Mary, Website

“So enjoyed An Evening with CS Lewis this past weekend, what a great birthday present from my wonderful husband! Loved the humor too!”

Maggie, Sacramento

“Your performance. It has resonated with me throughout the day today. “

Susy, Spokane

“A spectacular performance! If you have the opportunity to see David Payne’s An evening with CS Lewis, don’t miss it!”

Barb, Lynden, WA

“You melted our hearts!”

Scooter, website.

“I often got lost and forgot I was watching YOU portray him, rather thinking that I was actually getting to meet him myself!”

Heather, Benge, WA

“Your performance was absolutely brilliant!”

Sean, Website

“My husband and I were at the Gallo Center Performance in Modesto, CA (it was my anniversary gift to him). When we left he said that was one of the best gifts he had ever received”

Lynn, Modesto, CA

“It was a spectacular performance! If you have the opportunity to see David Payne, don’t miss it. He is an outstanding actor. It was very moving and well done. Spokane thanks you!!”

BJ, Spokane, WA

“Outstanding. Very personal and warm. From my reading, Lewis’ style and humor come through very well in your performance”

Jim, Kingswood, TX

“Delightful and insightful. Wonderfully done, I was moved in the best ways. Thank you for coming to Madison”

Jeb, Madison, IN

“I loved it! I’m a C.S. Lewis fan and you portrayed him beautifully. Including the humor. Thank you!”

Kathye, Columbus, OH

“I haven’t enjoyed an evening this much for ages. Thank you”

Sheryl, Andover, MN

“Phenomenal performance, very moving. Thank you so much. I especially loved the part about the ‘twilight years’ and feeling like a root waiting to grow into a flower”

Kate, Madison, IN

“Excellent! Witty, entertaining, edifying. Very interesting history. Thank you”

Urquart, Columbus, OH

“Your portrayal provided unique insights into a man I only knew by name”

Russ, Kingswood, TX

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